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"Awan Al-Sharqiyah General Contracting Company was established in 2019 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Since then, it has successfully completed a diverse range of projects, showcasing a pinnacle of construction sophistication while upholding the recognized quality standards of the Kingdom. In a short span, the company has achieved rapid growth, propelling it to the forefront of the construction industry. It has built a broad and swiftly expanding clientele base, distinguishing itself as a leader in the realm of contracting and construction.

Guided by principles of trust, excellence, integration, safety, warranty, and customer satisfaction, Awan Al-Sharqiyah remains committed to reaching new heights, aspiring to accomplish even more in the future."

  • Trust
  • Excellence
  • Safety
  • Integration
  • Warranty
  • Customer Satisfaction

About Awan

We know what your needs are.

We are proud to offer you construction and finishing services by a dedicated team of experienced and efficient. For many years, our vision has led us towards delivering the highest quality and professionalism in construction and finishing.


Our company has a strong commitment to time and respect for timely delivery.


We recognize the importance of your project, and therefore we work seriously to ensure that it is effectively implemented according to your timing.


In our company, the safety of the project and the workers come to the forefront. We adhere to the highest safety standards to ensure a safe and reassuring working environment.


We recognize the importance of complying with Saudi Arabia's safety standards, and we work hard to ensure that each project is implemented in full compliance with these standards.

We are here to realize your vision and turn your ideas into reality.
Share your journey in building the future, where quality meets dedication, professionalism meets excellence.
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Structural Work

In eastern time, we pride osteoporosis services with exceptional levels of quality and professionalism. We understand that bone projects require careful planning and effective implementation, so we are committed to providing integrated solutions that meet your aspirations and exceed your expectations. Depending on our long experience in construction, we are here to make every detail of your project fit neatly with your vision. Choose Eastern Time, where professionalism meets excellence.

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Finishing Works

In Eastern time, we are proud to provide finishing services with accuracy and innovation. We understand that finishing reflects the final nature of the spaces, so we work to achieve unique designs and exceptional quality in every detail. Depending on our professional team and using the latest technology, we are here to transform your spaces into places that reflect elegance and comfort with the highest quality standards. Discover the difference with Eastern time where finishing meets excellence.


Plumbing & Electricity

We provide plumbing and electricity services with high professionalism and effectiveness. We understand the importance of utility infrastructure in any project, and strive to provide integrated and reliable solutions. Our team of experts depends on extensive experience in the fields of plumbing and electricity, and we are committed to providing accurate fixtures and sustainable maintenance. Rely on Eastern time to ensure quality performance and excellence in every detail where professionalism meets quality.

Other Construction Services


We provide electro-mechanical services with the highest standards of professionalism and advanced technology. We are committed to providing integrated solutions in the fields of electricity and mechanics, including design, installation and maintenance. Our team relies on extensive expertise in electromechnical, and we always strive to meet customer expectations by providing high quality services. Rely on Eastern Time for customized solutions that go beyond technical challenges and effectively meet projects' needs. With us, competence meets excellence in electromechnical.

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InAwan  Sharqiah, we offer services specializing in transforming gardens into charming places that reflect beauty and comfort. We understand that the garden is a representation of green space in your home or project, which is why we are dedicated to achieving innovative designs and harmonious vegan format. Whether you're looking for a design from the start or an improvement to your current garden, Eastern Time is the perfect partner to make your outdoor spaces attractive and environmentally engineered. Discover garden art with us, where innovative design meets execution quality.

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